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Wonderware Autosave

for System Platform

About AutoSave for System Platform


Change is inevitable. If not managed correctly it can be costly and even dangerous.


Excelling within an ever-changing automation environment is what AutoSave for System Platform is all about. It change-proofs the Wonderware software environment by providing highly structured management of modifications to software objects such as graphics, templates and instances.

Key benefits
  • Increases system control management

  • Delivers higher application integrity assurance 

  • Lowers system risk 

  • Lowers lifecycle maintenance costs

  • Instills greater confidence and flexibility in design

  • Provides greater peace of mind

Key Capabilities:
  • Real-time tracking of design changes 

  • Undo changes, including deletions

  • Advanced disaster recovery

  • Detailed object comparison and analysis

  • Full galaxy backups and revisions

  • Rollback to any point in time 

  • Expandable to track automation devices 

Built upon MDT AutoSave

The automation industry’s most advanced change management and version control software, AutoSave for System Platform gives users the ability to protect, save, restore, discover and track changes not only to galaxy objects, but also to industrial programmable devices and plant-floor documents.

The AutoSave Server stores version history and revision detail for each galaxy object. Users audit change history via the AutoSave Client, which enables intuitive comparisons between version and easy restoration to prior states is necessary. 

Less Risk, More Control

AutoSave for System Platform secures valuable information assets, documents their evolution and makes them readily available for rapid disaster recovery.  It provides  unparalleled change management that lowers risk and increases control.

  • Remove undesired changes: The key to “undoing” an undesirable program change is to maintain a history of all revisions. With AutoSave for System Platform users can access and restore prior copies of objects, which is essential in restoring plant applications quickly and correctly. 

  • Access prior versions of objects: The version history of all objects is stored in AutoSave for comparison or reuse. 

  • Detect differences in versions: AutoSave for System Platform provides the ability to compare any two versions of an object with detailed identification of changes. 

  • Gain insight into an object’s associations: A template may have many instances; AutoSave for System Platform provides the ability to see how one object is associated with others. 

  • Restore object changes following a galaxy restoration: If a galaxy becomes corrupted and must be restored from a backup, AutoSave for System Platform can provide object updates that occurred immediately prior to the event.

Capture Change in Real Time

The AutoSave for System Platform server software runs on theWonderware System Platform Galaxy Repository (GR) system and monitors incoming activity while capturing changes as they are made. By actively managing the GR, AutoSave for System Platform can track changes for multiple users, simultaneously. Its intuitive client interface provides access to historical data archived in the AutoSave Server, including graphical objects, templates, client controls and managed InTouch applications.

  • Additional tabs of information, such as “Inheritance” and “Derivation” provide additional data  not found in the IDE

  • Comparing graphical objects and templates or restoring a prior revision is only a click away

Easy, Three Step Installation


  1. Install the AutoSave Server: This is the archive/repository for the revision, user, client and other information. It can be a new installation or expansion of your existing AutoSave installation (v5.06 or above). 

  2. Install AutoSave for System Platform: This installs as a service on the Galaxy Repository, this updating the database and, monitoring for any incoming activity or changes. 

  3. Run the automated Galaxy Export: The final step is to load the entire galaxy into AutoSave to establish a baseline for all objects.


Once installed, AutoSave for System Platform works in the background and is updated whenever changes occur in the Wonderware Galaxy Repository.

MDT Inside


At the heart of AutoSave for System Platform is change management technology from MDT, the company that invented change management software for programmable devices more than 20 years ago. Today, the world’s largest manufacturers safeguard their automation MDT solutions,  securing software assets, reducing time and problems related to changes, complying with regulatory requirements for audit trails and change authorization, and providing rapid recovery from failures.

Any System Platform installation will benefit from AutoSave for System Platform especially including those in the food & beverage, life sciences, mining, petro-chemical and utilities markets, where change management and version control are most critically important. MDT AutoSave is currently being used in each of these industries, including companies managing thousands of automation devices per site. 

New Alarm Symbols

New alarm symbols including three new pre- built alarm dashboards and an alarm severity panel. These new alarming capabilities are built into System Platform 2014 R2 for much simpler alarm design and operator alarm visualization and management.

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