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AVEVA™ Insight

Actionable Insights from
Anywhere, Anytime, and Any Device

AVEVA Insight gives you a powerful framework for operational continuity. Enabling users of all levels and experience to access the critical information they need to do their jobs.

AVEVA Insight is a secure, managed solution for collecting, storing, visualizing, and analyzing industrial data for faster, smarter business decisions. It consolidates disparate data for complete visibility into how your business is performing, and enables users throughout the enterprise to access data and information from anywhere.

Insight Enables Companies to:
  • Better understand their business — know what’s happening, what has happened, and what is likely to happen with immediate access to relevant data.

  • Unlock your operational data from the control room and make it accessible when and where your people need it.

  • Empower people to become active participants in real-time work streams and enhance collaboration between teams.

  • Expose hidden opportunities for reducing operational costs, increasing asset performance and driving better production results.

Remote access and mobility


Get out from behind your desk, reduce windshield time, go mobile. With personalized alerts you are notified immediately your system deviates from desired operating conditions – anywhere, anytime, any device.

Easy to use


Leave the nuts and bolts of data collection, storage and visualization to us, so you can focus on interpreting and using the results to improve your operations.

Our cloud-based approach eliminates the need for additional investment in hardware servers and software.

Enjoy seamless, automatic updates and scalability for your business needs!

Asset Reliability


Designed to proactively bring awareness to situations and opportunities AVEVA Insight helps you to move from reactive to proactive maintenance strategies by providing a single interface and repository for maintenance, control and safety. Accelerate time to resolution with knowledge capture and information sharing from all plant production assets to make better asset management decisions and operations.

Powerful Add-Ons

For even greater understanding of your operations, AVEVA Insight can be augmented with additional modules such as predictive asset analytics, business intelligence gateways, and process optimization capabilities.

Unique platform design means that these advanced features are seamlessly accessed within the system. Users have unprecedented access to actionable intelligence – when, and where, they need it.

The Business Case


Equipping your business to manage the changing information landscape being driven by the industrial internet of things (IIoT) is a modern imperative. Yet having the people, time, or CAPEX to leverage these advances is beyond the reach of many companies.

Insight addresses these concerns by providing cost-effective software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions which are simple to set-up, manage and use without additional IT infrastructure or staffing. Insight enables you to quickly turn the data sitting in new and existing industrial assets and processes into a live information feed for decision support.

Need more ​information?

Contact us today to find out more about AVEVA Insight and how it can benefit your operations or business

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