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Wonderware Solutions for 
Food and Beverage/CPG Manufacturing

The pressures on the food and beverage/consumer packaged goods (CPG) industries are at an all-time high

Over the last decade, the number of product variations has surged along with the velocity of new product introductions.

Brands are becoming more global and more valuable, placing new focus on food safety and brand integrity. The widespread reach has also intensified competitiveness, driving a laser-sharp focus on manufacturing efficiency and cost reduction. Consumers are more demanding and less loyal, so it becomes increasingly important to avoid out-of-stock situations, present a consistent customer experience and bring the best, and most current, products to market quickly. 

Adding to this is the need for more stringent and self-regulating preventive and corrective food safety measures driven by in industry regulations such as the U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act ( FSMA), HACCP and Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

Keeping Food and
Beverage/CPG Processes Running

Wonderware is the modern, proven and safe choice for food and beverage manufacturing. We have decades of experience serving the industry and offer the broadest and most current software portfolio. 22 of the top 45  food and beverage manufacturing sites globally use Wonderware  to run their operations better. 

The unrivaled Wonderware operations and information management solutions deliver the following:

Operations and Process Control Applications

Line and Equipment Performance Management Applications

Operations Visibility Applications

Compliance and Quality Applications

Maintenance and Uptime Improvements:

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