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Wonderware Solutions for Intelligent Integrated Infrastructure Environments

The Challenge for Infrastructure Management

Municipal operations, transportation, national defense and public utilities provide the infrastructure on which we depend heavily for just about everything we do.

The more efficiently they are run, the greater their contribution to the health and well-being of all who use them. Addressing the urbanization, overpopulation, congestion, pollution, security and other critical infrastructure challenges requires complex networks that must operate efficiently and safely.


Monitor multiple public operations from a single control room. Take advantage of new connectivity opportunities.


The infrastructure solutions made from Wonderware software make this possible. They begin with the  Wonderware System Platform, a powerful integration platform that uses reusable component objects and makes infrastructure management applications easy to create, deploy and implement. Expanded Situational Awareness Symbol Libraries ensure that operators run these applications with greater awareness of their operating context and a suite of powerful Wonderware applications enables new levels of operations and information management.

With such integration and visibility, you manage your infrastructure as you like and free operators to focus on what is most important. They will be better equipped to identify, understand, react to and resolve abnormal situations. We deliver those managing diverse public infrastructure operations the ability to traverse silos and access aggregated data at a single point.

Barcelona El Prat Airport


AENA created a Smart City solution at the Barcelona El Prat Airport that boasts a dynamic, high-functioning, reliable and secure infrastructure.

Smart Cities

With the increasing majority of people living in cities, urbanization poses significant short- and long-term challenges to governments and municipalities, driving the need for smarter, more digitally managed infrastructure. A Smart City shares its digital infrastructure and data to enhance livability, workability and sustainability. Wonderware software provides the ideal platform for Smart Cities, enabling cities to access real-time, critical data for better, faster and more efficient decisions.

Schneider Electric is a Lead Partner of the Smart Cities Council and a Corporate Member of the New Cities Foundation.


The transportation industry is made up of complex networks that must operate efficiently and safely. Governments promote laws to make traveling by air, sea, railway and motorway more secure.  Investments to grant people's safety go far beyond the visible assets such as traffic and road conditions. Today, security is more and more dependent on the invisible aspects of the technological systems that monitor transport.

The transportation solutions made from Wonderware software provide applications for tracking critical real-time and historic data, managing passenger communications and monitoring assets and functionality. Component objects are re-usable, making our solutions easy to create, deploy and implement. This results in seamless integration and operational efficiencies across stations and systems.

Waste Management


According to the World Bank (, every year the global population produces more than four billion tons of waste and this figure is rising steadily. Stockpiling it is not a viable solution and destroying it just converts it to highly concentrated, polluting residues. Preventing waste production is the best alternative. Conservation and recycling initiatives contribute significantly to this but it doesn’t happen by itself. As much as any business organization, environmental sustainability requires management, collaboration and talent that must be focused and coordinated.

Our Intelligent Integrated Infrastructure Environments solutions help those who are driving such changes by offering the following resources:

  • An extensive Partner Ecosystem with in-depth infrastructure management experience that can help you build operations and information management applications on top of that platform

  • Support and training in local languages, anywhere in the world

  • Project management experience that can get you up and running with new applications, quickly and affordably, leveraging your current systems investments 

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