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Wonderware Solutions 
for Mining

Mining is particularly sensitive to global economic swings.

Owners and operators must adapt quickly to changing market conditions to stay competitive in this complex industry.

The challenge is to increase investment, throughput and capacity in boom times and improving efficiency and reduce costs in economic downturns. Agility and responsiveness are key, but companies must also ensure that their operations are safe, environmentally sound and compliant with government regulations. In addition to risking harm, lack of compliance could lead to fines or license revocation.

Further complicating these challenges are large fluctuations in availability of qualified staff. Many senior staff are reaching retirement age and recruiting and retaining skilled replacements is a challenge. Today’s mining engineering teams are also more transient, diverse and remote. Knowledge capture and transfer is imperative and it must be both quick and safe.

Mining companies globally are responding to these challenges by integrating operations, optimizing performance and applying best practices across their value chain. They are striving to increase efficiency, improve asset utilization, lower costs and reduce downtime, while also becoming leaner and more agile. Wonderware software empowers them to realize these goals.

Facilitating Operational Excellence


Wonderware is the modern and a safe choice for mining operations and information management. We have decades of experience serving the industry and offer one of the broadest and most current software portfolios. More than 6,700 mine sites globally now use Wonderware software to help them accelerate their return on assets.

Simulation Applications


Model the resource-to-market value chain to identify constraints and improve efficiency. Predict process behavior, embed work practices and reduce commissioning risk.

Supply Chain Management

Create optimized plans and schedules across multiple time horizons. Manage conformance to plan and reinforce a culture of continuous improvement.

Production and Inventory Accounting


Timely and accurate accounting of ore quality and quantity for better decision making across production, logistics, marketing and trading disciplines.

Asset Reliability and Utilization


Achieve real-time visibility of asset utilization and contextualize performance to maximize uptime and improve productivity.

Optimize Performance


Enable informed decisions for production, process, performance and energy usage optimization through real-time access to plant and business intelligence.

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