Edge to Enterprise

Why Edge to Enterprise

AVEVA’s Edge to Enterprise strategy represents an infinite range of possibilities, with the ability to tailor solutions to accomplish specific goals. Each component of an Edge to Enterprise solution, from IIoT architectures to cloud-driven remote edge management, can be an integral part of operations. However, it’s the integration of those parts that creates a holistic solution that improves visibility and reaction times. This is much easier to accomplish when technology partners prioritize interoperability and create tools that are meant to complement one another across the entire supply chain.

AVEVA recognizes this and offers a shop floor to top floor view of your business with a variety of industrial software solutions for monitoring and control. From asset to line to multisite unified operations centers, AVEVA enables your team at every step of digital transformation and offers the scalability to grow as your business does.

The keys to an Edge to Enterprise strategy include:
  • Flexible licensing options that make it easy to add software components as your hardware and process architecture needs change

  • Access to a huge library of both open and native communication protocols to ensure connectivity to devices at every level of the business (including protocols like OPC UA and MQTT for IIoT architectures)

  • Powerful solutions for every stage of your industrial, or infrastructure, operational process monitoring and control

  • A partner that can keep you on top of all technological advancements and can harness the collective knowledge of the World’s biggest and best companies and organizations, to help you solve the problems of today, and tomorrow.

AVEVA’s Edge-to-Enterprise Strategy Answers the Tough Questions
How do I manage a fleet of 
Edge devices remotely?
How can I reduce latency and distribute the processing load on my network?
How can I experiment with IIoT and cloud architectures in a cost effective way?
How can I improve visibility into the enterprise level of the business?
How can I utilize the cloud to access applications and information anywhere?
Edge-to-Enterprise Portfolio

Flexible – Platform agnostic software enables the aggregation of previously inaccessible data from disparate data streams into one source of information​

Integrated – Only AVEVA offers integrated software solutions that scale from the control of edge devices and applications to HMI/SCADA and enterprise-level visibility of data

Highly Visible – Collect data from all areas of the business and visualize it in the cloud, where AI and Machine Learning can add context and enable rapid decision making