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About MES/Performance Software



Keeping equipment operating at peak performance gives you the technology edge you need to reduce margins, cut costs and compete at a higher level. Wonderware MES/Performance is your first step to ensuring sustainable, high performance operations for your production or packaging line equipment.

What is MES/Performance Software?


Wonderware MES/Performance software provides Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) monitoring of production lines in real time, and combines with equipment utilization tracking for a full line performance solution. Tracking of work order execution provides proper categorization of unplanned downtime vs. product changeover or idle time or other planned events. Such granularity at the work order level feeds KPI calculations with dynamic performance target adjustment based on different products and enables real- time indication of schedule adherence and actual line performance. Monitoring, analyzing and continuously improving operating efficiencies and asset utilization reduces costs and increase return on assets (ROA).

What Does MES/Performance Do?

Wonderware MES/Performance software provides automatic data collection on production and packaging lines. It captures short stoppage events, freeing line operators from manual data collection tasks and provides immediate feedback on unexpected or trending conditions. Clear indications of line bottlenecks, visibility to real time performance metrics and drill down analytics empower stakeholders with actionable information to effectively increase line performance and operating efficiencies.

Production Equipment Performance Management is an Integral Part of
Wonderware MES


MES/Performance helps improve asset utilization through real-time monitoring of KPIs like Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Find out how F&N Dairies Thailand, the largest canned milk manufacturer in the world, achieves significant savings in production, logistics and inventory costs with Wonderware MES software.

Drawing The Line


Wonderware Performance Management uses line layout tools to model your processes for converting raw materials to finished products. The software then tracks performance across an ordered set of line equipment at the required production rate.

Managing Work Orders


How your equipment gets its orders is a critical first step in how well it performs. Wonderware MES/Performance manages all of this for you.  It can receive orders from an external system, such as manufacturing resource planning (MRP) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) application or directly from your team, via a Web Portal client. MES/Performance software then assigns work to production lines based on availability. It shows status automatically, for example, switching status indicators from “Ready” to “Running.” While in Run mode, it monitors the progress of work order execution, indicating deviation from the expected production rate.  When another line is required, the software manages the switch.

Monitoring Line Performance


An overview of the current line status helps operators to focus on the current line bottleneck equipment for performance improvements. It shows which work orders were processed during the specified time period, and maps them to KPIs for metrics such as performance, quality, availability, and OEE. A standard Pareto graph shows utilization counts and durations of states, by reason groups, and reasons for the line bottleneck entities.



Line production is only as effective as slowest unit on the line. Wonderware MES/Performance provides two ways to find bottlenecks:

  1. Automatic determination, which identifies trouble spots by analyzing equipment performance rates and flagging the bottleneck equipment’s.

  2. Manual determination, by configuring a designated equipment unit as the known bottleneck to be  observed for performance results.

Tracking Equipment Utilization


Wonderware MES/Performance creates an electronic record of all utilization events for each production or packaging unit, tracking changes such as when equipment is started or stopped to run a job, or when the equipment goes down for repairs or maintenance. Users can define an unlimited number of utilization events, which they can configure for automatic capture for control systems. Automatic event capture can reveal short stoppages of few seconds only, which are difficult to track and can represent hidden or unmeasured capacity loss. Line operators can also add events manually or categorize events which were captured from control systems data.

Monitoring Equipment Performance


An equipment webpage is offered to monitor the performance of individual line equipment, including KPI measures of Performance, Quality, Availability, and OEE. Also here a Pareto graph is included to show the counts and durations of utilization states by reason groups, and reasons codes for this equipment. Additionally, the default production rate and default batch size, the line the equipment is assigned to, and the work order of the job currently being run on the equipment are displayed.

Real Time Reporting


The entire manufacturing facility operates better when plant personnel at all levels have real-time production information at their fingertips. Wonderware MES/Performance has this covered, with a full set of interactive reporting tools, delivering real-time information on the following equipment performance measures:

  • Equipment Production

  • Line Production

  • Utilization by Equipment

  • Utilization Analysis

  • OEE Analysis

  • Mean Time Between Failures

  • Mean Time to Repair

  • Utilization Timeline

MES/Performance Features

An introduction to MES/Performance features.



Wonderware MES/Performance features can combine to improve asset utilization by real-time equipment downtime monitoring. This provides Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) that can help track and analyze asset effectiveness of assets used in the production process.


Automate production line equipment and control systems.


“Planned vs Actual” production rates to improve predictability.

Best Practices and operational processes across
multiple plants.
What's New?
Latest Updates from Wonderware MES/Performance


Bottlenecks can’t hide: Monitor progress against KPIs via new MES/Performance portal. Features a Web-based interface, line layout configuration and bottleneck identification. 

New Web-Based User Interface


The MES Portal allows you to configure MES/Performance and display equipment downtime information, monitor OEE KPI’s or use for manual data entry in a browser, on any workstation or mobile device.

New Line Layout Configuration
This capability and work order management functionality are included in the new MES portal.
Easier Bottleneck Identification
Dynamic Line Bottleneck determination. Track production rates of line entities in real time, set up pre-configurations to identify potential bottlenecks.
Line OEE and Performance monitoring
Develop KPI measures for line activity during a selected time period, including performance, quality, availability, and OEE, as well as a Pareto chart for counts and durations of utilization states, with reasons from the bottleneck equipment or segment.
Line Management API’s


New Wonderware Skelta BPM connector for Wonderware MES/Performance now exposes line management APIs to achieve a model-driven approach to manufacturing operations.

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