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Manufacturing Operations Transformation (MOT)

Embark on Your Manufacturing Operations Transformation Journey

From optimizing asset performance to raising productivity to elevating output quality, there are countless reasons to pursue Manufacturing Operations Transformation (MOT). Wherever you are in your transformation journey, it’s never too soon to learn how Wonderware can help you mature your manufacturing operations, align everyone and everything with your business goals, and reduce your total cost of ownership.


Standardization Makes All the Difference

Manufacturing Operations Transformation is a continuous process of standardizing, evolving, scaling and maturing your operations. Whether you’re an operations manager or a IT manager, find out how our experience and applications can help you achieve your single plant or multi-site transformation goals.

Wonderware Manufacturing Operations Management software empowers you to continuously elevate your operational performance to meet changing priorities or business strategies over time. Unique manufacturing execution and data collection capabilities on plant equipment make Wonderware software the first choice for automated or fast-moving goods manufacturing processes.

Wonderware Manufacturing Operations Management software empowers you to integrate business and manufacturing operations (IT/OT) information seamlessly. Thanks to an open engineering and runtime platform, you can replace disparate applications or manual production methods with a single, Manufacturing IT platform that aligns each plant with your business transformation goals.

Proven Operational Results

Wonderware software users have reduced operating costs by more than 50 percent, increased productivity by more than 15 percent, yield by more than 20 percent and have shortened time-to-decision by more than 80 percent.

For more stats, we’ve prepared a helpful infographic to help you learn more about what Wonderware can do for you.

Multi-site Manufacturing Operations Management

Whether your plants span a small region or cover the globe, multi-site operations management depends on your ability to achieve consistent quality and performance across all sites–each with their own needs and nuances. Done correctly, a multi-site program can pay for itself in fewer than two years.

There are three elements at the core of successful multi-site implementations:

  1. a versatile manufacturing IT platform

  2. a methodology for best practices standardization

  3. a process for roll out execution

The Wonderware approach to multi-site MOM is designed to cover all three. Increase the return of investment by incrementally growing the platform functionality on your operations transformation journey.

  • Establish an acceptable model that can be adapted and implemented locally.

  • Maintain enterprise consistency while respecting individual site needs that must be maintained.

  • Integrate templates that standardize processes, interfaces and application functionalities.

  • Adapt to site-specific circumstances.

  • Have a site up and running within weeks after template approval.

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