What's new? SmartGlance July 2018 update
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What's new in SmartGlance 


Hot on the heels of our Insight release we have also updated the SmartGlance mobile app. 

What’s new for July 2018?

  • Alarms and events overlay on line charts

Alarms and events overlay on line charts


A while ago we introduced support for alarm and event overlays display on your line charts in Insight, well now you view those same alarms and events in your SmartGlance mobile app. 


Let's revisit the agitator example using the R.21_Agitator tag and see what it looks like in SmartGlance. You can see that the system has detected alarm data for the R.21_Agitator tag and has highlighted the affected area - providing a quick visual cue for when alarms are triggered or acknowledged. Clicking on the event icon allows you to drill down further so you can discover more details about the alarm state.


Discover how to set up alarm and event replication in the View events on a chart help file. 

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