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Wonderware Canada East is now
CIMSoft Corp.AVEVA Select Canada East

Leveraging AVEVA’s entire portfolio of leading-edge industrial software, CIMSoft Corp., AVEVA Select partner in Eastern Canada will help customers across industries accelerate their digital transformation journeys.


Oakville, Ontario, March 23rd, 2022


CIMSoft Corporation, an industrial automation software distributor formerly known as Wonderware Canada East, has become an AVEVA Select partner for Eastern Canada, under a new name; CIMSoft Corp. AVEVA Select Canada East. Being an AVEVA Select partner allows CIMSoft Corp. to deliver AVEVA's full portfolio of leading-edge industrial software solutions to customers that will help them become more sustainable and profitable.


“CIMSoft Corp. AVEVA Select Canada East’s customers and partners will continue to get the same desired support, with an impressive added value of wider access to AVEVA’s complete portfolio, which assures a new level of Performance Intelligence using technologies such as AI, IIoT, big data and cloud. The AVEVA Select program helps our distributors to optimize on opportunities and to support their customers in digital transition,” said Kerry Grimes, Head of Global Partners, AVEVA. “We are pleased to welcome CIMSoft Corp., AVEVA Select Canada East to the AVEVA Select family and look forward to developing and capitalizing on mutually beneficial growth strategies.”



With AVEVA Select, customers will access the entire AVEVA portfolio through the partner they have known and trusted for over 25 years. The program is designed so AVEVA’s partners can expand and provide solutions for the needs of a wider distribution of industries, such as Food and Beverage (F&B), Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Mining, Water and Wastewater, Manufacturing, etc.


The AVEVA Select partnership has accelerated the value that CIMSoft Corp., AVEVA Select Canada East can provide, empowering their customers and partners to optimize engineering, operations, and asset performance.


With AVEVA’s Engineering solutions, they can assist customers in efficiently delivering capital projects on time and within budget. The AVEVA Operations suite eliminates supply chain value leaks while improving operational efficiency and enhancing collaboration. CIMSoft Corp., AVEVA Select partner in Eastern Canada can also empower customers and partners to balance operating expenses and risk to optimize performance with AVEVA Asset Performance Management.



“Digital transformation is the cornerstone of organizations as they focus on areas to improve business performance and resiliency and mitigate risk. This AVEVA Select agreement provides CIMSoft – AVEVA Select Canada East with the ability to help companies as they seek ways to optimize people, processes, and assets in an agile, reliable, and efficient manner.” says Altauf Mohamed, President, CIMSoft Corp. AVEVA Select Canada East.


AVEVA’s extensive portfolio of solutions includes operations control, asset performance, and value chain optimization. As AVEVA’s partner in Eastern Canada, CIMSoft is strategically positioned to help customer on this journey with over 25 years of industrial automation software experience.”

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