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Improve your Reliability, Safety and Profitability
Asset Performance Management

Digital transformation unlocks the potential of your assets and empowers you to adopt predictive maintenance strategies. With the ability to look ahead, you can prevent costly failures, reduce downtime, and focus on shaping what’s next.


Our comprehensive Asset Performance Management (APM) software portfolio is designed to overcome today’s industrial challenges by leveraging industrial big data, Cloud, artificial intelligence, digital twin, and augmented reality.


With improved analysis, you’ll eliminate inefficiencies, optimize operations, and improve profitability.

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AVEVA’s end-to-end approach - Customer Savings Achieved

The Value of our Asset Performance Management Solutions
Asset Reliability and Performance Optimization – Save millions by avoiding asset failure costs
Asset Strategy Optimization –
Reduce maintenance costs by 30%
Safety and Risk Management –
Improve work efficiency by 25%
Information and visualization –
Reduce unplanned down time by 25%
Learn from our Knowledge Transfer Event videos
highlighting some key APM solutions
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Predictive/Advanced Asset Analytics:

An Introduction


This presentation is an introduction on Advanced Predictive Analytics; where it fits and it's benefits followed by a brief demonstration on the solution.

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Predictive/Advanced Asset Analytics:

Modeling Techniques & Demo 

Learn the best practices for Asset Modeling in our Advanced Analytics Solution and watch a detailed demonstration of how to create a model of an asset.

 Imagine an Autonomous Industrial Enterprise
Learn how ENEL Italy utilizes AVEVA’s solutions to help them realize a fully-autonomous digital plant
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- Webinar Series -
Delivering Business Results through Asset Performance 
Building an Asset Strategy: A step by step approach 
APM Series 1/4
Unifying Data in Simple Steps
APM Series 2/4
The Connected Worker: Why your workforce needs to be connected to your assets
APM Series 3/4
What are your assets trying to tell you and why aren't you listening?
APM Series 4/4
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AVEVA is Named a leader in IDC Asset Performance Management MarketScape Reports for Mining, Manufacturing, and Oil & Gas

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