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Reliable, flexible and high performance human machine interface (HMI) / supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) solution for industrial process customers. Focused on putting engineers and operators back in the driver’s seat by helping to unlock the value of their SCADA systems.

With powerful visualization capabilities and operational features, Citect SCADA delivers actionable insight faster, enabling operators to respond quickly to process disturbances and thereby increase their effectiveness.

Focused on addressing key social & technological trends in the market including changing workforce demography, globalization, as well as the convergence of information & operational technologies, Citect SCADA comprises a host of functionality enhancements & innovations that re-imagine the engineering experience.

Alarm Performance Improvements

Optimized to provide lightning-fast client display, with smaller resource footprints than ever before.

Citect as a Windows Service


When running as a Windows service, the system can continue to supply data across user log in sessions.

Integrated Equipment Graphics


Configure your project by placing a Genie on a Graphics Page, directly from your Equipment hierarchy.

Multiple Project Backup & Restore

Manage backups more efficiently with the ability to back up a complete project into a single backup file. Restore completed project just as easily.

Extend System with .NET & Cicode

Access .NET assemblies from within Cicode. This extends the functionality of the system by leveraging Microsoft technologies e.g. C# and .NET.

Dynamic Associations

Partial Associations configure and maintain Super Genies and pop-up Pages by reducing complexity and removing the need for Cicode or extensive metadata.

Integrated Development Environment

Citect Studio is the new unified configuration environment replacing Citect Explorer & Project Editor; with powerful & easy-to-use grid functionality offering a faster more intuitive activity-based user experience; driving engineering efficiency and simplicity.

Centralized Deployment

Enhanced deployment management view facilitates the management of project configuration for all Citect SCADA nodes from one central location (with central store, version management, local and remote roll-back and delta-only transfer); saving valuable time and effort.

Topology Management

Simplified topology management with a streamlined and consolidated server configuration, with a central view of your Citect SCADA servers, by machine & by cluster; giving greater clarity into your SCADA assets with a single view of your topology

Connectivity with Wonderware

With a suite of offers and combined capabilities that are unmatched in the industry, the seamless connectivity to the Wonderware Software portfolio including Wonderware Historian, Wonderware SmartGlance, Wonderware Alarm Adviser and Wonderware System Platform, drive further operational value for customers with a more holistic view of data.

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