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Wonderware Remote Response Object

About Remote Response Objects

Integrating geographically dispersed team members into workflows is now drag-and-drop easy.

Wonderware Remote Response Objects (RROs) enable alarm and event information to be delivered to your mobile and offsite personnel, keeping them informed of significant production status or process alarms regardless of their location.

This is ideal fit for large facilities where operators roam or drive around a large wide area like a wastewater plant, refinery or pipeline and therefore are not continuously in front of their PC workstations.

Key Value Drivers

  • Easily extend remote alarm callout functionality to System Platform applications

  • Email and SMS text support

  • Operator response (acknowledgement) via email or SMS

  • Low cost vs. 3rd party alarm providers

What Are Remote Response Objects?


Remote Response Objects deliver alarm notifications via e-mail or text messages to cell phones - so that your operations staff is in contact 24 hours a day. In addition, escalation rules enable backup notification routing to supervisors and reserve personnel.

Remote personnel are able to view alarm information, acknowledge alarms and enter comments, all from a mobile device.

Remote Response Objects Key Features


RROs provide pre-programmed functionality that makes it easy to build notification and communication routines into process workflows. Developers can drag objects that define necessary notification and communications methods into their workflow designs.

Key Capabilities


  • Email and SMS (via appropriate gateway) support

  • Operator response (acknowledgement) via email or SMS

  • Built-in scheduler

  • PIN-based security option

  • Configurable escalation in case of non-response

  • Supports redundant failover configuration 

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